Professional Training Program Total Coaching® I

  • Do you want to become more aware of your qualities, motivators and drives and give them more focus in your life?
  • Have you always been interested in practical applied psychology in the area of communication, behavior and dealing with emotions and change?
  • Do you want to further professionalise yourself in coaching and guiding people for you work?
  • Or do you want to become someone who can inspire yourself and others to change?

You will learn it all in the Professional Training Program Total Coaching® I. The training programme offers a solid foundation for your personal and professional development.

Inspiring yourself and others to change

The Professional Training Program Total Coaching® I achieves a good balance between personal and professional development and learning many communication- and coaching techniques and skills. You will discover why you have followed certain patterns and which values and beliefs have affected your life. Consequently, you will be able to recognise this in others and guide them in changes they want to make in their life. In addition, you will become a person / Coach who can actually connect with people and inspire them to change.

Coaching with NLP, Provocative Coaching and much more…

The Professional Training Program Total Coaching® I consists of ten 3-day Master Classes in which various subjects will be discussed. You will learn how to use the NLP Practitioner Communication Techniques in all aspects in your life. You will also learn how to Coach and you will develop the right qualities, abilities and various styles of guiding/coaching. In short: the Professional Training Program Total Coaching® I offers a complete development programme to become a resilient and congruent person and a Professional Coach.

Tailor-made Development

It is also possible to attend separate Master Classes and go through the Training Program at your own pace. You will receive module certificates for each Master Class you have participated in. When you have completed module 1 to 5 you will receive the NLP Practitioner Certificate. Then, you will have learned all techniques in the NLP Practitioner Program and you will know all the basics of Coaching / Guiding.

Two Certificates!

The curriculum of the NLP Practitioner Program is part of this Training Program. This means that after successfully completing the Training Program you will receive two certificates: Total Coaching® I and NLP Practitioner Program (ABNLP-accredited).

Would you like to receive more information about this Training Program? Feel free to contact us.

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