Professional Training Program Total Coaching® II

Higher Vocational Education and Graduate Level

  • Do you want to develop your own Coaching Style and Brand?
  • Do you want to have more tools, techniques and styles to become better at determining the level of certain Coaching Questions?
  • Do you want to learn how to Coach on larger concepts?

In the Training Program Total Coaching® II you will develop into a Senior Capital Coach. The Training Program is a follow-up of the Professional Training Program Total Coaching® I .

Coaching with a capital C

You will immediately start with Capital Coaching and you will learn about the new developments in Coaching, such as Coaching Leadership and Sponsorship. You will gain insights into the most important topics of Coaching from all fields that involve Coaching. This will make coaching Coaching. You will learn what Coaching is and how flexible you can be as a Coach. You will also focus on developing your own style.

Some of the topics in this Training Programme are:

  • Capital Coaching and Sponsorship
  • Coaching with Master Practitioner NLP Techniques
  • Developing your own Coaching Style
  • Advanced forms of Confrontational Coaching
  • Paradoxal Coaching
  • Coaching by using Metaphors
  • From Coaching to Awakening
  • Giving workshops and Presenting yourself as a Coach
  • Coaching and Systemic Work
  • Coaching, Leadership, Team Coaching and Coaching & Modelling

Two Certificates!

In the modules 1, 2, 3, 4 and 6 you will learn all the techniques and insights of the NLP Master Practitioner Program. So, once you have successfully completed the entire Training Program you will receive two certificates: the NLP Master Practitioner Certificate AND the Professional Training Program Total Coaching® II Certificate. All of our NLP Programs are ABNLP-accredited.

Already have an NLP Master Practitioner Certificate?

You can also participate in this Training Program if you already have an NLP Master Practitioner Certificate. In this case, you will only participate in the more specific Total Coaching® II modules. These are modules 5, 7, 8, 9 and 10. You will also have 3 intervisions. For these modules you will pay the reduced price of € 2.250,-. If you would like to receive more information about this option you can contact us through email: or phone: +3150-5798333.

Time and Investment

The entire Training Program consists of 10 modules and 3 intervisions for an investment of € 4.950,-.
If you sign up for the complete Training Program (at least two weeks before the start of the Training Programme), you will receive a discount of € 790,- so the investment would then be € 4.160,-. If you sign up for the complete Training Program within two weeks before the start of the Training Program you will receive a discount of € 671,-, so the investment would then be € 4.279,-.

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