The Professional (NLP) Trainer

The Programme to become a professional trainer who can train any group and content. 

What would it be like if you:

  • could give trainings / workshops that inspire people and make them come back for more?
  • would be better able to integrate the NLP principles in your trainer style and programme so that you can learn to speak to the subconscious of people which will make your trainings more effective?
  • could enhance your training skills so you can resonate your passion, profession and ideas in the world.

In the Programme: The Professional (NLP) Trainer you will work on both your personal developmental process and your professional development as a trainer. You will develop your own style as a trainer, you will be able to bind participants to you and you will become more flexible so that you can train any content and will stand in front of the group with lots of freedom.

There are two variants of this Programme: the Professional Trainer and the Professional NLP Trainer.

Become a Professional Trainer

The Programme of the Professional Trainer consists of: 6 Master Classes spread out over 18 training days, which includes both theoretical and practice days. Each Master Class will deal with a different subject on giving trainings. Instead of participating in the complete Programme you can also choose to attend separate Master Classes, for subjects that you are particularly interested in*.

The subjects of the Master Classes in this Programme are:

  • 1. Basic Trainer Skills & Learning Styles
  • 2. Didactic Skills & Dealing with resilience
  • 3. Presentation Techniques & Group Dynamics
  • 4. Acquisition & Marketing: putting yourself out there as a trainer
  • 5. Inspirational Training
  • 6. Meta-overview from the trainer

In addition, you will have 2 intervision meetings during the Programme in which you will discuss your progress and development in terms of training with the head trainer and fellow course members.

Specialisation: The Professional NLP Trainer

After the Professional Trainers Programme you can further specialise to become a Professional NLP Trainer. The specialisation in this Programme consists of 3 modules spread over 9 training days, which includes both theoretical and practice days.

You will complete the Programme by doing an Aptitude Test after which you will receive a certificate.

There are some conditions for participating in this Programme. Therefore, you will have to have an admission interview with the trainers before being enrolled in the Programme.

*The investment for a separate Master Class is € 550,-. In your enrollment you can specify which Master Classes you want to participate in.

Would you like to receive more information about this Programme? Feel free to contact us.

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