Bureau Land offers many different programs that can be tailor-made to your goals and wishes.

Discover the possibilties of further developing your team in terms of their communication, collaboration, mutual trust, inspiration or whatever other process you want to enhance (or reduce).

The trainings are, to a great extent, based on the ideas of NLP, Systemic Work, Occupational and Organisational Psyschology, Sociology, Linguistics, Philosophy and Management Theories. Our trainers are all well-experienced in training professionals in a wide variety of organisations and companies. They have a lot of knowledge about abilities/competences and a great understanding of organisational and group dynamics and psychology. Our trainings are characterised by a clear and pragmatic approach, aimed at their practical implementation.


You can, for instance, choose a two-day training in which your team will work with the topic communication (see our competence trainings) on day 1. How does the communication work within the team or towards other teams within the organisation? How is the communication towards internal clients or external clients? And what could be improved? Such issues need both a theoretical as a practical approach. We connect head, heart and hands. Thinking, feeling and doing.

After working with your personally chosen themes on day 1 you can choose to stay at out location in South-Drenthe. You are, of course, also allowed to stay somewhere else. From our own experience we can recommend staying overnight at the same location with your team because in the past it has proven to be more efficient and beneficial to the team spirit. On day 2 there will be various optional indoor and outdoor activities in which we will work with the triangle of the head, the heart and the hands again. We will discuss the same themes as we did on day 1 but this time we will use different methods in the activities. So, you will get a complete range of activities.

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