Team Coaching

  • Do you want to improve the collaboration in your team?
  • Are you looking for permanent tools to make the collaboration in a team more effective?
  • Do you want to avoid confusion about the goal of the team?
  • Do you want team members to be better at dealing with each other’s differences?

Then Team Coaching might be an excellent method for your organisation.

Team Coaching. What is it? And what can it bring you?

Team Coaching aims at positive and inspiring collaboration and developing the problem-solving abilities of the team. Highly effective in times where teams are becoming increasingly self-directed. The goal of the coaching is to improve the cohesion in the team in an energetic and inspiring manner. Coaching will lead the way to this cohesion.

Tailor-made Team Coaching

The programme for the Team Coaching / Training is always tailor-made to your needs and wishes. This will be discussed in the admission interview. And, if you wish, we can make a team analysis before starting the training.

Some examples of abilities that can be trained:

  • Learning how to:
    • deal with each other’s differences;
    • give feedback;
    • deal with conflicts;
    • deal with change;
  • Communicative skills.

The Team Coaching is led by educated trainers who have years of experience in system theory and conflict mediation.

Do you want to know more about this type of Coaching? Feel free to contact us.

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