Systemic Coaching

Recurrent themes in life, dynamics that emerge, questions that remain. How does that work? Systemic Coaching focuses on the (sub)conscious relationship between the organisational or family system which the client is part of and the issues he/she encounters in his/her life. Do you want to gain more insight into your own role in your family system? Do you feel out of place? Or as if you are not empowered? Are you unable to completely show your love for one or more family members? Do you repeatedly come across the same themes and issues in your life, without any clear cause?

Then Systemic Coaching might be an excellent type of Coaching for you.

Coaching based on the insights of Systemic Work

Systemic Coaching distinguishes itself from other types of coaching because in this type of coaching the Coach focuses on the family system you were born into. By gaining insight into the facts and situations that took place in your family, you will get a better understanding of who you are and what your relation is with these occurrences and people within your family. And which (sub)conscious decisions you have made during your life. This also relates to issues regarding the organisation you work at. Systemic Work often makes use of family constellations but it can also involve other methods in individual coaching.

Insight into your place in the family/organisational system

Systemic Coaching can provide an insight into:

  • Who belong to my family?
  • Who am I within my family/organisational sytem?
  • What is my place in my family/organisational sytem?
  • Is this the right place for me?
  • Which dynamics are present in my family/organisational sytem and how do they (sub)consciously affect me?

Systemic Coloured Dynamics Method SCDM®

Bureau Land has developed their own method for Systemic Coaching: Systemic Coloured Dynamics Method SCDM®. Systemic Work works with deep themes at the level of the soul.

Would you like to receive more information about this type of Coaching? Feel free to contact us.

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