Summer Intensive: The Program

We will get you ready to be able to get trust and calmness in your own Self

To learn to love your Self is not a skill we are trained in when we are brought up in our childhood. At least most of us are trained in being good, being a good girl or a good boy. Good means that we behave decent and if we did not behave, we were not good, maybe even bad and that would be something for parents to withdraw the attention or even love from you. So, we learned in the early days that we had to be good and that would raise your Self-love for yourself. Even when you had to do things you didn’t really wanted to do.


Doing those things, we would also condemn our Self for doing things that we would not like. So, either we were damned.

You can do, what most people do:

Wait till luck falls from the sky right in your lap. YOU CAN WAIT FOREVER…

Why does not everybody like or love me? YOU CAN WAIT FOREVER….

I am trying to be good, everybody has to like me if I do this….   FORGET IT.

If I find the answers then I am able to love myself………..FORGET IT.

WHY do I feel empty? Why do I fill myself with food, buzz, constant analysis????

That’s what we are going to find out. That’s what we are going to explore, you will be learning how to love your SELF the way you are now.  NOT how you are supposed to be….


Thursday, August 13: Arrival and settling down.

Friday, August 14: Learn To Love Your Self: an art that anyone can learn.

Saturday, August 15: The Longing

Sunday, August 16: Bring it on! I value myself and therefore I can have a lot. Resistant with intuition!

Everyone is traveling in life, the journey is yours, nobody else can travel it but you. You either do your life or you don’t.


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