Spiral Dynamics® II Training

Organisational Development – “System Dynamics and the Graves Model”, part II

At the moment, Spiral Dynamics® is a “hot item” in the professional world. It is based on the theory of Graves. In the Spiral Dynamics® II Training you will learn how to apply the Spiral Dynamics® Model as a tool of change in Organisational Development and Change Management. It offers many insights and uses for the Cultural Change Programs and Organisational and System Dynamics.

Change Management focused on the values of people

Spiral Dynamics® provides answers to questions like: why are people so different? and what drives people? In the Spiral Dynamics® Model, Graves describes how people build their lives around clusters of values, so-called ‘Value Systems’. People who operate from various Value Systems will deal differently with leadership, communication, collaboration, organisation, performance and change. Insight into the motivators and values of your employees is essential to a professional who wants to make successful changes.

Applying Spiral Dynamics® for Organisational Development

In this Training we will apply the Graves Model at an Organisational level. You will learn how to apply the model in complex organisational issues and how to help guide and shape organisational changes. Some of the topics are:

  • The principles of streamlined change;
  • A system dynamic perspective on organisations;
  • Use of language within organisations;
  • Transitions to different value systems;
  • The six conditions for change;
  • The influence of the value system on the work environment;
  • Working with personal cases.

This 2-day Professionalising Training is specifically aimed at executives and (HR) Managers who want to take the next step in their professional development and (business) coaches who advise higher management levels.

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