SIGN® Mastery Program

SIGN® Systemic Integrated Generative NLP Mastery Program
  • Are you an NLP Master Practitioner?
  • Do you want to expand your repertoire?
  • And bring about powerful changes?

You will learn it all in the SIGN® Systemic Integrated Generative NLP Mastery Program.

Develop yourself further as an NLP Master Practitioner

As an NLP Master Practitioner you have much to offer. And still… you can’t solve the impossible with NLP. Some things keep coming back, patterns that manifest themselves differently every time. This often involves systemic powers that neutralise or obstruct efforts to change. In the SIGN® Mastery Program you will therefore learn everything about Systems Thinking.

SIGN® = Systems Thinking

Systems thinking is based on universal principles that everyone encounters in all spheres of life, from our individual personal life through our organisations, the neighbourhood we live in, our city to the world as a whole. When you have discovered the power of System Dynamics you will be able to apply this knowledge at all levels. Systems Thinking will provide an insight into:

  • persistent patterns and how you can deal with them;
  • paradoxes and how you can solve them;
  • entanglements in the systems and what kind of interventions you can make;
  • how to better understand the effect of your mental models and how to adjust them when necessary;
  • how you can improve your ‘position’ in the systems, work, family, associations;
  • how you can become aware of your own choices and what frameworks are defined by the systems you live in.

Bring about Powerful changes with SIGN®

After this Program you will have a greater range, repertoire and powerful change mode which you can use in various situations. You can apply these on both an individual and an organisational level or in larger systems around you. You will amaze and inspire people with the results you achieve!

* The early booking price is valid until 2 weeks before the start of the Program.


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