Relationship Coaching

Do you want to get a professional, objective perspective on your relationship?

Then Relationship Coaching might be an excellent type of coaching for you.

Bureau Land has experienced relationship coaches who have years of experience in coaching and guiding couples. They can help you with all kinds of issues in your relationship, from finding out if you want to continue the relationship to guiding ex-partners with regard to their children: coming to agreements about their children and their parenting. Words that could describe their approach are: straightforward (cutting to the chase and no-nonsense), confrontational with compassion, honesty and humour.

What can you expect from Relationship Coaching?

In Relationship Coaching you will take a closer look at your relationship together with your coach. You will get a better understanding of both your own and your partner’s share in the relationship and what you can do to revive the relationship or to reduce the negative tension and atmosphere. In this Coaching you will learn how to communicate effectively and you will share both (unspoken) irritations, disappointments and (unspoken) wishes and expectations. We will focus on fixed patterns and how to break away from them with the goal to bring back the fun and respect in your relationship. In some cases, it is probably better to split up. In such cases the Relationship Coach can help you to end the relationship in a respectful manner and to make clear arrangements.

Tailor-made Coaching

The Coaching is tailor-made to your needs and wishes. You are always allowed to change the direction of the Coaching process. In the admission interview we will discuss the goal of the training. It is also possible to initially only have one of the partners join the Coaching session.

Do you want to receive more information about this type of Coaching? Feel free to contact us.


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