Program to become a Professional Constellator

After completing the Basic Program Systemic Work (BPS) and the Master Program Systemic Work (MPS): Coaching & Context or Deepening & Development you can continue with the Program to become a Professional Constellator.

Directing without steering a Systemic Constellation is an art, an art that not everyone can understand.

In this Program you will be trained to become “a hollow cane”  so that your can work with systemic dynamics. Making information practicable without steering, trusting the systemic field and not getting sucked up in Constellations are all abilities that you can learn by following a personal systemic process in the BPS and MPS. After completing these Programs you can start with the Systemic Constellator Program.

The Program to become more free and to learn people how to make evolutionary steps in their lives!

Some of the topics in this Program are:

  • Principles, sytemic interview, systemic interventions;
  • Setting up, Elaborating on and Evaluating Small and Large Constellations. Systemic Language as a vehicle for systemic changes;
  • Working on a personal Systemic Dynamic Diagram.

The first Program to become a Systemic Constellator will start this autumn.

Would you like to receive more information about this Program? Feel free to contact us.

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