Professional Training Program Business SIGN® Intervention Expertise I

Professional Training Program Business SIGN® System Dynamic Intervention Expertise

Suitable for: managers, staff members, coaches: large job profiles in organisations.

Emerge as an Interventor

The Professional Training Program Business SIGN® will teach you how to be overarching and future-directed Interventor. You will learn how to carry out effective, unsuspected and unnoticeable interventions and you will learn the system-dynamic basic principles and how to apply these in business situations. In this way you will get a better understanding of the processes and questions of system dynamics, deeper psychology and business. As a result, you will be able to carry out focused interventions. 

Understand the persistent and complex organisational issues

The course will discuss underlying themes within the organisation. The focus is on persistent organisational issues that make the processes and questions more complex. You will learn how to offer solutions to these issues.

Become an Interventor

This Training Program will train you to become an Interventor and consists of 5 modules of 2,5 days. The following themes will be discussed:

  • The big difference between structure and content in organisations;
  • The basic principles of system dynamics;
  • System Dynamic basic patterns in the business context;
  • Universal information;
  • Formal and informal system dynamics and their consequences;
  • Interventions and applications of the gained knowledge in your personal context;
  • Becoming and being an Interventor.

Deep Professional Development

What will you get out of this Training Program?

  • A highly professional level within your work and organisation;
  • After the Training Program you will be able to estimate at what ‘sytemic layer’ you want to make an intervention. You will see which interventions will bring short or long term effects;
  • Strategic insights into processes;
  • You will also be able to distinguish between System Dynamic processes and behavioural processes and you will be able to make choices based on estimated effects and results.

After this Training Program, you will distinguish yourself from others because you will work differently. You will create unexpected and unforeseen effects.

Would you like to receive more information about this Training Program? Feel free to contact us.

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