Professional Training Program Business Human Neuro Management BHNM® IV

For Seniors, Directors, Leaders and CEOs

Expanding leadership: inner, personal, systemic and professional leadership. Focusing on large concepts and visions.

Developing Leadership at many different levels Inner, Personal, Professional and Systemic Leadership

You are a director and you want to develop yourself as a leader. This Training Program focuses on the transcendence of functional layers: on an individual, team- and organisational level. In this transcendence we will move to larger concepts such as: the vision of your own path, organisation and the bigger objectives outside of your organisation. The dynamics on all levels of your organisation and of the world will be discussed. Leadership and how the leader inspires are both part of Developing Charisma. This will be translated to practical tools such as focusing on human strategies, organisational strategies and strategies at an abstract archetypical level.

A leader also needs tools to inspire employees

The Training Program offers large concepts of Leadership and Management, translated to practical applications. You will learn to understand the large concepts on which human action is based. You will develop visionary abilities and you will learn how to present these to your organisation, team and employees with inner strength, charisma and persuasiveness. You can find all modules of the Professional Training Program BHNM® in the datasheet on this page.

Professional Training Programs Business Human Neuro Management® I t/m IV

A different Training Program for each management profile in the organisation.

Business Training Programs for all Professionals, tailor-made to all management profiles.
Vision Development, Developing new abilities, Controlling processes and Systemic control by not intervening. Personal Career Development and Organisational Development.
Skills – Abilities – Vision – Systemic Methods.

Composed and developed based on the fields of: Psychology, Linguistics, SCDM® System Theoretical Principles, Philosophy, NLP, Organisational Change Theories, Leadership Theories, Organisational Science. All put together in a very applicable curriculum. Tailor-made Training Programs are possible.

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