Professional Training Program Business Human Neuro Management BHNM® II

For Middle Management
Understanding and enhancing your own professionalism. Controlling self-control.

Increasing your Professionalism

You already have several years of experience in Management. You are currently in a Middle Management position. You are not able to handle everything at a behavioural and ability level anymore. You feel as if you need to have a better understanding of the deeper layers of human actions. And you need more tools to improve your position. Then the Professional Training Program Business Human Neuro Management® II will certainly be interesting to you. The entire Training Program is aimed at increasing your professionalism. After the Training Program you will be more balanced and you will be able to manage at both a team and an individual level.

A complete Training Program, for your Professional growth

The Professional Training Program consists of the following 9 modules which will boost your career and help you develop to function more powerfully.

  • Determining position and direction of growth & Personal Career Developement
  • Systemic Coping Dynamics
  • Systemic Principles and Concepts in all systems that are at work
  • Personal Leadership & Team Coaching
  • Total Coaching® & Provocative Coaching
  • Process control by means of conditions and neurological processes
  • Managing by using structure of Language/Meta-programs
  • Translating vision to action

Professional Training Programs Business Human Neuro Management® I t/m IV

A different Training Program for each management profile in the organisation.

Business Training Programs for all Professionals, tailor-made to all management profiles.
Vision Development, Developing new abilities, Controlling processes and Systemic control by not intervening. Personal Career Development and Organisational Development.
Skills – Abilities – Vision – Systemic Methods.

Composed and developed based on the fields of Psychology, Linguistics, SCDM® System Theoretical Principles, Philosophy, NLP, Organisational Change Theories, Leadership Theories, Organisational Science. All put together in a very applicable curriculum.

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