Professional Training Program Business Human Neuro Management BHNM® I

For Beginning Managers

Do you want to become an inspiring leader? Do you want to learn how to manage professionals and teams? Do you want to develop your own vision on management? Do you want to develop your own management style? You will learn it all in the Professional Training Program Business Human Neuro Management® I.

Motivating, Inspiring and Coaching Management

The Training Program Business Human Neuro Management® I is aimed at beginning managers who want to learn how they can be an inspiring, motivating and coaching leader. Based on Applied Psychology, which is essential to managers, this Training Program will provide depth and momentum in working with people. You will learn how to communicate effectively and you will become more confident in managing. You will clearly see an increase in your development as a manager.

What will you learn in this Management Training?

The Training Program Business Human Neuro Management® I is a management program that offers a large range of topics to develop a solid management basis. Some of the topics that will be discussed are:

  • Coaching Leadership;
  • Inspiring Leadership;
  • Management Skills;
  • Situational Leadership;
  • Conversational Techniques;
  • Personal Leadership;
  • Effective Communication;
  • Presentation Techniques;
  • Applied Psychology: knowledge about the human being at all levels of conduct and the motivators and principles upon which human behaviour rests;
  • Organisational Science.

Successful Management of your team and for your organisation

After completing this Management Training Program you will have gained insight into: what is effective leadership? You will have developed all abilities that are necessary for successful leadership. You will have employees who are committed and have fun in their work, who are connected with your team, your goals and the goals of your organisation with both their heart and their actions.

Curious about the Training Programs? Request our BHNM® brochure today.

Note: Do you want to develop yourself on your own pace? Or are you interested in a particular Leadership topic? It is also possible to attend this Training Program on a stand alone basis. We can also design a Training Program that is tailor-made to your needs and wishes.

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