Power of Presence Training: Learn how to Present Professionally

The art of Charismatic Presenting and Communication.

The Power of Presence Training is a complete training to learn how to present professionally in front of an audience. The training has a layered structure in which all aspects of presenting will be discussed. From Presenting Techniques and Competences, the power of (non)verbal communication and language to the development of Charisma. After completing this training you can rightfully call yourself a Professional Speaker/Presenter and you will know how to engage and intrigue your audience with your presentation from start to finish.

Become a Professional Speaker and Presentor?

  • Do you want to become completely Present?
  • Do you want to be and become a Professional Speaker?
  • Do you want to acquire all abilities to be able to present?
  • Do you want to develop Charisma and Present Charismatically?

In the Power of Presence Training you will become a professional speaker!

This training has a layered structure: in each module you will get a deeper understanding of presenting and you will be able to bring out the best in yourself in terms of presenting.

Gradually progressing in your development as a Professional Speaker

The Power of Presence Training consists of 3 modules of 3 days.

1st module: Presenting Techniques and Competences
2nd module: Honour your own Presence and use it while Presenting
3rd module: Developing Charisma and Presenting Charismatically

You can also choose to do one or more modules of the Training.

Know what you can offer and show this to your audience

After completing the Training you will be able to engage a large audience, in terms of both content and your personal Presence. The Training is suited for people who want to be able to stand in front of an audience with confidence and charisma. For people who want to make their dreams come true. For people who know what they can bring but have yet to figure out how, or who are afraid or are just not able to bring across their message. In this Training you will learn it all because: you can learn how to present, you can develop charisma and speaking in front of an audience is an art but an art that can be developed! Take your chances.

Would you like to receive more information about this Training? Feel free to contact us.

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