Personal Resume Profile Coaching

In today’s job market you need a compact, concise and appealing resume with a clear profile. Are you working on your resume? But are you having troubles with:

  • thoroughly looking at and writing about yourself?;
  • incorporating the central thread?;
  • connecting your past work experience to your (future) ambitions?

Then Personal Resume Profile Coaching might be an excellent coaching method for you.

How does Personal Resume Profile Coaching work?

At Bureau Land you can work on your Resume Profile by looking at both content and layout with an experienced (career path) coach.
The coach will thoroughly guide you through the entire development programme which means that, apart from working on your resume, you will also work on your career vision and you will prepare for possible (network) meetings. The development programme consists of several stages in which the coach and client will closely cooperate.

Stage 1: Familiarisation
Scan of your current resume: SWOT analysis
Resume Career and Profile talk: Who am I? What am I capable of? What do I want?
Brainstorming Session: Central Thread and Content of Resume

Stage 2: Writing your Profile
Draft of first profile
Receiving feedback on first profile (through phone/Skype)
Finishing the text of the profile

Stage 3: Translation to Design
Layout of Resume Profile

Stage 4: Entering the real world…
Final career and profile talk with some advice on how to translate the things you have learned to online media and future (network) meetings.

Results of the development programme

– Formatted resume in which content and layout coincide;
– Professional and personal career profile which can be used in all network meetings;
– Connection between your resume and Social Media.

This coaching can also be part of a coaching development programme.

Are you interested? Feel free to contact us for more practical information.

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