Personal Leadership Training

In this 2-day Personal Leadership Training you will learn how to guide yourself instead of constantly being guided. Are you capable of optimally using your qualities in all contexts? What are your qualities? You will discover it all in this training in which we will focus on developing personal strength and leadership.

An increased demand for Personal Leadership

In this Training you will learn how to be your own leader:

  • How are you a leader in situations that ask for a leader?
  • How do you control yourself?
  • What is your contact with your own internal and external world like?
  • What kind of things hold you back?
  • What is the key to your personal leadership?

Training Self-reflection: Make the most of yourself

Do you constantly bump into the same issues? Are you afraid of failure or of success? In this Personal Leadership Training you will deal with all of this. This Training is suitable for everyone who is interested in professional behaviour, personality and development and for everyone who is looking for self-reflection and who wants to be in control of their own functioning.

One of the elements in this Training is Systemic Work: what is your position in the organisational and/or family system in which you function? How does this influence you? Does it hold you back or does it stimulate you?

Use your qualities in this world!

After this Training you will know how you can be your own leader and you will have developed many skills to actually use you qualities in this world.

Stay the night during this Training?

It is possible to stay the night at our location in Ansen. Bartels Bed & Breakfast has a few lovely guest rooms in which you can stay (if booked in time).

Would you like to receive more information about this Training? Feel free to contact us.

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