NLP Practitioner Program

Do you also want to:

  • enhance your personal effectiveness?
  • develop on a personal level?
  • get a better understanding of your unique qualities and how to fully develop them?
  • gain more insight into your (non) verbal communication and behaviour and how to consciously change this in order to increase the impact of your communication?

You will learn it all in the NLP Practitioner Program.

NLP: development of Personal Effectiveness and Leadership

The NLP Practitioner Program is an intensive, intruiging and transformational Program in which you will learn how to apply the powerful NLP techniques in all aspects of your life. The focus of the NLP Program is to develop Personal Effectiveness and Inner Leadership.

Who are you? What is important to you? What are your qualities and unique characteristics? And how can you use these so that you will achieve the desired results in every situation? NLP is Applied Psychology. You will develop insights into: Effective Communication, Change and Behaviour of people and you will also develop on a personal level.

Personal development in a safe and stimulating environment

In the NLP Practitioner Program you will go through all stages of the learning process: subconsciously imcompetent, consciously incompetent, consciously competent and subconsciously competent. In a safe and stimulating environment you will work on personal development and on developing your own talents. After successfully completing this program you will receive an NLP Practitioner Certificate. After completing this Program you will have the NLP tools that can be directly applied in various contexts of your work and private life. Participants consider this Program a very special experience.

Learn how to apply NLP in Coaching

It is also possible to attend the NLP Practitioner Program as part of the Professional Training Program Total Coaching® I. These are the first 5 modules of the Training Program Total Coaching® I. In this Training Program you will learn how to apply NLP techniques in Coaching situations. Click here for more information.

* The early booking price only applies until 2 weeks before the start of the Program.


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