NLP for Young Adults Training

Are you between 20 and 30 years old?

And do you want to get familiar with NLP to gain more insight into who you truly are, what you consider important and how you can control yourself better? For example, so that you will:

  • feel stronger, learn how to feel better, know better what you want;
  • have more confidence or less anxiety;
  • become stronger and more assertive;
  • be better at interacting with others;
  • have a sense of belonging without losing your individuality;
  • become less afraid of what people will think of them;
  • worry less or have a better night rest.

And especially getting to know yourself better and feeling like you know what you are doing.
Then this 2-day NLP Training might be an excellent training for you!

Work with other young adults towards your goals

The NLP Training for Young Adults is here for you. A Training in which you will get to know the powerful NLP Techniques (Practical Applied Psychology). The Training is characterised by its authenticity and expertise. How does it work in your head? What affects your behaviour? And what do you really want? You will learn how to apply the knowledge of practical applied psychology in various contexts.

Topics of the day:

  • NLP: Practical Applied Psychology. How does your brain work?
  • Communication: Conscious and Subconscious, Verbal and Non Verbal
  • Inner communication: How do you communicate with yourself?
  • Goals: what do you really want?

The Training will be full of explorations of and stories about yourself, others and the world, and the focus will be on your goals.

Trainers who can put things in perspective

The trainers in this Programme are no teachers or parents. They are Trainers, Coaches and Experts when it comes to people. They will let you discover things about yourself. They can steer your development in the direction of your goals. You make the decisions, they will give you the theory and insights. They enjoy working with people and they are able to confront, laugh and put things in perspective.

Would you like to receive more information about this Training? Feel free to contact us.

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