NLP Coach Practitioner Plus Program

Do you want to:

  • learn how to apply NLP techniques in Coaching and Guiding?
  • learn the basics of Coaching?
  • gain insights into your own unique qualities and how you can optimally develop them and do you want to learn how to apply this with other people?

You will learn it all in the NLP Coach Practitioner Program, the Program in which Professional and Personal Development go hand in hand.

NLP: development of Personal Effectiveness and Leadership

The NLP Coach Practitioner Program is an intensive, intruiging and transformational programme in which you will learn how to apply powerful NLP techniques in your profession. This Program focuses on learning how to coach and finding the right NLP technique for a developmental issue. You will gain a lot of insights into Practically Applied Psychology and you will learn how to help people with answering questions like: Who am I? What is really important to me? What are my qualities and unique characteristics? And how can I use these to achieve the desired results in any situation? NLP is Applied Psychology. You will learn a lot about: Effective Communication and Change and Behaviour of people. You will also develop yourself at a personal and professional level.

You will learn: the basis of Coaching, many communication and change tools which you will learn to apply in Coaching and Guiding, developing your own personal leadership. In addition, you will learn which NLP techniques you should use for specific developmental issues.

Professional Development in a safe and stimulating environment

In the NLP Practitioner Program you will go through all stages of the learning process: subconsciously incompetent, consciously incompetent, consciously competent, subconsciously competent. You will work on your personal and professional development and the development of your Coaching and Communication skills in a safe and stimulating environment. After successfully completing the Program you will receive the NLP Practitioner Certificate. After completing the Program you will have NLP tools which you can directly apply in the various contexts of work and, of course, in your personal life. Participants see this Program as a very special experience. You will meet many professionals in this Program.

Would you like to receive more information about this Program? Feel free to contact us.

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