Master Program Systemic Work SCDM® – Deepening & Development

Soul – Self – Other – Context

The Master Program SCDM® Deepening & Development is the Personal Deepening of the Basic Program and basic knowledge of Systemic Work. You will gain more knowledge of Systemic Work and you will learn to work with deep dynamic dynamics in human lives.

Being able to feel the purpose of the life you are living

In this Program we work with the deep systemic dynamics in people’s lives. These deep dynamics can control people’s subconscious (yours too) more than you can imagine. The Program deals with themes such as: commitment, love, rejection, exclusion, health, not truly connecting, deep connections, finding a place in this world. And finally, being able to feel the purpose of the life you are living.

The Program

The Program consists of 6 interesting 2-day Master Class.
The specific themes per Master Class:

  • The Interrupted Reaching-Out
  • Stress, Symbiosis and Autonomy
  • Acceptation and Forgiveness
  • Systemic Work: the deeper meaning of symptoms and illnesses
  • Systemic issues in blended families: divorce, stepchildren, adoption, death of family members and “Patchwork” families.
  • Systemic Work with commitments, connections, relationships and marriage

Choose what you need in your development

There are two directions in the Master Program SCDM®:
Coaching & Context (professional) and Deepening & Development (personal)
You can choose to participate in one complete Program, or you can choose to combine Master Classes so that you can create a tailor-made Master Program Systemic Work. Please contact us if you consider doing a tailor-made Program.

We expect our participants to have at least some basic knowledge of Systemic Work (at least the Master Class Systemic Principles in the Basic Program Systemic Work).

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