Master Program Systemic Work SCDM® – Coaching & Context

Learn how to apply Systemic Work for: Yourself – Client – Team – Organisation.

The Master Program SCDM® Coaching & Context is the Professional Deepening of the Basic Program and basic knowledge of Systemic Work.

Move towards more awareness, insight and applicability with Systemic Work for your Profession

The Master Program SCDM® Coaching & Context is a Program aimed at working with systemic dynamics and being able to translate these in systemic interventions for individuals and teams. After completing this Program you will be able to make systemic coaching interventions with individuals, teams and organisations and you will have learned many new Systemic Work theories and insights. Of course, you will also work on your professional development.

For the Professional who knows he won’t get far with the traditional facts of Organisational Science

The Master Program SCDM® Coaching & Context consists of 6 engaging 2-day Master Classes. The topics in the Master Classes are:

  • The interrupted Reaching-Out considered from an organisational context
  • Symbiosis and Autonomy as Organisational Dynamics
  • Organisational, team and work relations in the light of Systemic Dynamics
  • Systemic Coaching & NLP
  • Family Businesses, Family or Business? Family Dynamics in Businesses, even when it’s not a family-run business
  • Systemic Interventions of Coaches/Managers with individual clients & employees

And, of course, we will also discuss multiple systemic interventions and context oriented working with regard to the participants’ sectors: government, education, semi-government, family businesses, sole proprietors, general partnerships and so on.

Choose whatever you need for you development 

The Master Program SCDM® comprises of two orientations:
Coaching & Context (professional) and Deepening & Development (personal).

You can choose to participate in one complete Program or you can combine Master Classes in order to create a tailor-made Master Program Systemic Work. Please contact us when you’re considering to do a tailor-made Program.

We expect our participants to have at least some knowledge of Systemic Work (at least the Master Class Systemic Principles).

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