Master Class: Values & Meta-programs

The Master Classes Coaching at Bureau Land are 3-day Coach Trainings in which specific topics will be discussed. This Master Class is about: values & meta-programs. It is possible to attend the Master Classes as separate coach trainings to deepen and specialise your Coaching. For a complete development as a Professional Coach you can participate in our Professional Training Program Total Coaching® II which includes this Master Class.

Values & Metaprograms

In this Master Class you will learn about the difference between the conscious and subconscious. Some of the topics in this Master Class are:

  • Deep subconscious filters in daily life;
  • Coaching: conscious and subconscious;
  • Difference between the conscious and subconscious;
  • The Coach and the relational games of the client.


This Master Class focuses on the subconscious filter Values and everything that this involves. Values often control our behaviour without us being aware of it. You will gain insights into the relationships between assumptions, conviction, values, abilities, behaviour and environment. You will make value analyses per context and you will learn how to discuss these with your client. We will also use values as a tool for communication.


In this Master Class you will also learn about the large subconscious programs: the meta-programs. Meta-programs are large subconscious programs that subconsciously shape all of your inner processes. You will become aware of your own meta-programs and their effects. In addition, you will be able to make a meta-program analysis of yourself (an extra fee will be charged). With the knowledge and insights into meta-programs that you acquire in this Master Class, you will be able to improve: collaboration, communication, alignment and team development.


It is possible to attend this Master Class on a stand alone basis or in the Professional Training Program Total Coaching® II. It is possible to receive a module certificate for this module so that you will be eligible for the Certificates of the NLP Master Practitioner Program (ABNLP-accredited) or Professional Training Program Total Coaching® II.

Would you like to receive more information about this Master Class? Feel free to contact us.

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