Master Class Systemic Work SCDM®: The Interrupted Reaching-Out

The Interrupted Reaching Out is one of the 6 Master Classes in the Master Program SCDM – Deepening – Development
You can do this Master Class as a module and as a part of the entire programme. We expect our participants to have at least some knowledge of Systemic Work.

This Master Class focuses on making connections, making contact, why you are having trouble to make contact, why you have authority issues at your work, why you have conflicts or why you sometimes have trouble with intimacy. Do you have trouble with maintaining relationships or does it come naturally? Are relationships at work a bit unstable? Rejection, termination of contact, being too attached, claiming?

Every person wants to get affection from others. It is one of the basic securities of humans, to get affection from you mother and father. If this is interrupted there are systemic dynamics at work and as a result you will have difficulties reaching out. This can be caused by various issues within the family system, the family you come from.

Trust in relationships and trust in life are the basis of love. To get affection and to be able to get affection. The foundation of your trust is laid in your younger/infant years. Many people experience difficulties when trying to connect to people. There might be a great desire for affection but when it comes too close people often become afraid or show other ways of coping like blame, anger and frustration. In the Master Class The Interrupted Reaching-Out you will learn about the first moment of affection in your life and how and to what extent this moment can affect you later on in life. You will also learn how to recognise this as a coach and what interventions you can use to treat this.

Do you want to know more about this Master Class? Feel free to contact us.

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