Master Class Systemic Work SCDM®: Systemic Principles

Systemic Principles

This Master Class focuses on the Systemic Principles and the basic approach of Systemic Work.

The topics that will be discussed in this 2-day Master Class are:

  • Basic systemic approach;
  • The big fundamental Systemic Principles in each system;
  • Working with a geneagram and recognising important biographical facts about the family system;
  • The effects of violating the fundamental systemic principles;
  • Dealing with the effects of entanglement within systems;
  • The order of a family system that is prior to love and supports it;
  • Finding the question.

What is Systemic Work?

Systemic Work is the work that is done based on the systemic principles that we subconsciously, yet profoundly deal with every day. This applies to family systems as well as organisational systems. By exploring and experiencing the underlying patterns of the system there is room for organisations and people to look at who they truly are.

The Master Classes Systemic Work at Bureau Land.
Learning more about the specific subjects of Systemic Work in a 2-day Master Class

Each Master Class Systemic Work focuses on a different element of Systemic Work and is part of a larger framework. You will learn about the background of Systemic Work, gain knowledge of the systems of your own family and organisation and will be able to work on your personal questions by working with family and organisational constellations. The Master Class is part of the Basic Program Systemic Work.

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