Master Class Systemic Work SCDM®: Stress, Symbiosis & Autonomy

This Master Class is one of the 6 Master Classes of the Master Program SCDM® – Deepening & Development. It is possible to attend this Master Class on a stand alone basis or as part of the entire Master Program. We expect the participants to have at least some knowledge of Systemic Work.

In the Master Class Stress, Symbiosis & Autnonomy you will work on recognising issues that surround these themes.

How do you Coach someone in the area of symbiosis? How do you prevent your client from developing a symbiosis with you? Or how can a symbiotic issue of a client affect you?

At what stages of your life is a symbiosis functional and at what stages it isn’t? What are characteristics of destructive symbiosis and autonomy? And what is Constructive Symbiosis and Actual Autonomy? What kind of questions can you ask in Coaching sessions? And what kind of interventions can you make?

Healthy symbiosis.. Opposite: mutual appreciation, approximity, no roles but independent personalities, openness, self-responsibility, no longer responsible for others (more than needed).

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