Master Class Systemic Work SCDM®: Soul and Trauma

In this Master Class you will be familiarised with Soul and Trauma, two important themes of Systemic Work. For this Master Class, we expect our participants to have basic knowledge of Systemic Work and Systemic Entanglements (Master Class no. 1 and 3).


Trauma is typically caused by a situation in which you are overwhelmed, in which you freeze and which you have never been able to process. It will get stuck in our system and limits us in all different ways. In this training you will learn to work with personal traumas as well as adopted traumas which have been passed on through your family system. This training will enable you to deal with trauma much more effectively.


‘Soul’ is a force that creates movement from within. Soul movements support life and love but can also be the driving force behind negative and destructive behaviour.  If behaviour and movements of the soul are seen in the light and the silence of a Constellation then these movements will make perfect sense. Life has a logical structure.


  • Themes: soul, relationship to the soul and soul trauma;
  • Constellations from the movement of the soul;
  • How the layer of the soul works and the distinction of working with the Personality;
  • How the personal and the collective conscious work.

2-day Master Classes Systemic Work

The Master Class Soul and Trauma is one of the six 2-day Systemic Modules of Bureau Land. Each 2-day Master Class Systemic Work deals with a different part of Systemic work and is part of a larger framework. You will learn about the background of Systemic Work, you will gain knowledge of your own family- and organisational constellations and you will be able to work on personal issues in this area. This Master Class is part of the Basic Programme Systemic Work.

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