Master Class Systemic Work SCDM®: Organisational-, Team- and Work Relations in the light of Systemic Dynamics

Informal organisations in companies are often much stronger than formal ones. Subconscious communication is often much clearer than conscious communication. Yet, we still try to change the formal organisation and give feedback on conscious (spoken) communication in (work) relations.

This Master Class will make a connection between the personality level and the systemic level from which relations- and team dynamics develop. You will gain insights into the subconscious programs of teams, organisations, employees and you will learn how to ask the right questions about these programs. You will become better at perceiving these subconscious programs which will enable you to recognise the state of affairs.


  • Formal and informal systems in an organisation;
  • Unwritten rules in an organisation / team;
  • Informal and formal systems as opposites;
  • Subconscious programs / personal systemic dynamics of people who maintain the informal system;
  • Pros and cons of the systems and how to make interventions and how to coach based on these systems.

Learn how to apply Systemic Coach Interventions

After completing this Master Class you. as a Coach or Organisational Expert, will be able to ask the right questions to get to know the informal and formal systems of an Organisation / Team and the subconscious programs / Systemic dynamics that influence them. You will also learn how to intervene as a way of creating different movements. By steering and coaching this you will be able to create a smoother collaboration and you will also reduce the amount of automatisms that are in the way of achieving the results.

This Master Class is part of the Master Program SCDM® – Coaching & Context.

Note: We expect the participants of this Master Class to have a least some knowledge of Systemic Princples and Systemic Organisational Dynamics.

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