Master Class Systemic Work SCDM®: Systemic Coping Styles

“This Master Class Systemic Work at Bureau Land is  an enlightening and confronting Master Class. It provides food for thought. Especially by practicing the different coping styles, you will get a clear understanding of the styles.

Former participant; Jet Brandsma, Coordinator Education Sector.

Average appreciation of the Master Class: 8.6 (range 1-10, we received scores of 8, 9 and 10).

In this Master Class you will learn about the theory and practice of the principles, theory, ideas and practical implementation of Virginia Satir’s Systemic Work which includes Coping Styles.

Coping Styles: how do you/does your client cope with life and life issues?

Virginia Satir is one of the founders of Systemic Work and has frequently been modelled by the founders of the NLP. If you can apply the concepts of Satir to situations at work and/or in your coaching practice then you will be able to lead your client in the desired direction in a clear and direct manner. You will also learn how to recognise the different coping styles that your client uses and how you can deal with these styles. You will also gain insight into your own coping styles and how these can (sometimes subconsciously) influence your life.

You can also participate in this Master Class for Personal Development to learn more about your own coping styles / systemic communication dynamics and to connect with the needs that are underneath the systemic layer. In this Master Class you will focus on your self-confidence and self-insight and on litteraly taking up your space. The valuable ideas of Virginia Satir will teach you about your personal and professional development and will allow you to let go of old dynamics that that don’t serve you well anymore.

Applying Coping Styles in Coaching and your Profession

The Master Class Coping Styles provides a great deal of knowledge and insights that are vital to you as a professional Coach. Your personal and professional development will both make a big leap forward.

2-day Master Classes Systemic Work

The Master Class Coping Styles is one of the six 2-day Systemic Work Master Classes in the Basic Program Systemic Work. Each 2-day Master Class Systemic Work will focus on a different element of Systemic Work and they are all part of a larger framework. You will learn about the background of Systemic Work, gain knowledge of the systems of your own family and organisation and will be able to work on your personal questions with regard to Systemic Work.

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