Master Class: Enneagram & Coaching

The Master Classes Coaching at Bureau Land are 3-day Coach Trainings in which specific subjects are discussed. This Master Class is about: Coaching & Enneagram. It is possible to attend the Master Classes as coach trainings for further deepening and specialisation. In order to fully develop yourself as a Professional Coach you can participate in our Professional Training Programme Total Coaching® I which also includes this Master Class.

The Enneagram, a feast of recognition?

  • What is the Enneagram?
  • How does the Enneagram work exactly?
  • How can you apply the Enneagram in your coaching?

You will learn it all in this Enneagram Master Class which is held in cooperation with the highly experienced Enneagram Trainer: Willem van der Horst.

In total there are 9 Enneagram Types. In this Master Class you will discover the Enneagram Types your prefer and you will learn how to recognise the (personal) characteristics of the other Enneagram Types. An Enneagram Type provides an insight into your personality, identity and character. The Enneagram Master Class offers an intensive familiarisation with the Enneagram by reading literature and doing tests and exercises.

You will learn about characteristic behavioural patterns, underlying motives and energies per Enneagram Type. You will also work with transference and countertransference per Enneagram Type and you will learn how to intervene and coach with the Enneagram.

What can you do with the knowledge and insight of the Enneagram?

You can apply the knowledge and insights of the Enneagram Types in various situations, such as:

  • in collaborative situations;
  • for your personal development;
  • in coaching (i.e. to determine the direction of the development of your client);
  • as a (team) manager;
  • to enhance your communicative skills.

Apart from learning the theory, you will practice with the various applications of the Enneagram with your fellow course members. After the Master Class you will able to directly apply the insights at your work or in your daily life.


You can also attend this Master Class on a stand alone basis in the NLP Practitioner Programme and in the Professional Training Programme Total Coaching® I. It is possible to receive a module certificate for this module so that you will be eligible for the Certificates of the NLP Practitioner (ABNLP-accredited) or Total Coaching® I.

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