Master Class: Career Path Coaching

  • Do you want to learn how to coach creatively?
  • Do you want to learn how to apply new and effective coaching methods in your (career) coaching?
  • Do you want to learn how to coach with the life story of your client to help them find a job that really suits them?

In this Career Path Coaching Training you will learn how to apply the Savickas method / narrative method in (Career Path) Coaching.

What is the Savickas method / narrative method?

The narrative method is developed by Savickas. It focuses on the life of the client as if a book has to be written about it. The method uses recurrent themes to show how the client uses his/her work to make progress in his/her own life project. That’s why it is called the Narrative Method. Together with your client you will be able to answer the question of the client: how can I find a job that suits me? As a coach you will learn how to help your client integrate work in his/her life instead of trying to fit into a job that does not suit them.

The foundation of Career Path Coaching: Role Models and Life-Events

You will learn more about theories and exercises for career path coaching. You will also learn how to implement the power of role models in the life of your client. You will let your client connect with important life-events from his/her childhood and the ‘names’  he/she gives these events. The basic principle is that if someone constructs their life like this they will lay the foundations for answers to their current career path questions.

For your Professional Development as a Career Path Coach

The Master Class Narrative Method is a concise and powerful training in which you, together with other career path coaches, will fundamentally work with career path questions of your clients in only a few sessions. For your professional development as a Career Path Coach. Career Path Coaching with a common thread. Click here for more information about the Savickas method.

Accreditation and Supervision

After the Master Class you will work with your clients and after six months you will have a Supervision afternoon. This Master Class has received 44 accreditation points from the Dutch Institute for Psychology: Work & Organization and Work & Health. The accredition points will be rewarded based on participation, assessment and written reports of the participants.

Would you like to receive more information about this Master Class? Feel free to contact us.

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