Master Class: Acquisition Training & Networking

  • Are you looking for techniques and practical tips for dialogues and communication with your customers?
  • Do you want to have a more commercial attitude without losing your authenticity?
  • Do you want to learn how you can create opportunities to meet the right people and how you can engage with them?

Then this Master Class will certainly be interesting to you.

Authentic Acquisition is: Convincing without Convincing

During the practical and enticing Acquisition Training, in which theory and practice are alternated, you will gain knowledge of:

  • how to communicate effectively while talking to customers;
  • how you present yourself and what your communication conveys at both a conscious and subconscious level;
  • how to optimally combine verbal and non-verbal communication;
  • how to convince without convincing;
  • how to think and act commerically;
  • how to build and maintain a network.

The training is aimed at developing the following competences: focus on results, commercialism, communicative skills, inter-sensitivity and entrepreneurship.

Get more out of Network Meetings

When you have completed this training you will know how to approach people more convincingly in network meetings, how you can engage people with your story and how you can present your products more effectively. You will be able to direct conversations more effectively and you will develop a sense for people’s interests. Network meetings will be a piece of cake.

Would you like to receive more information about this Master Class? Feel free to contact us.

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