Live Freely Training – Get out of your head, into your feelings and into action

Do you want to …

  • … do things differently?
  • … set new goals and actually achieving them?
  • … feel more free in life?
  • … learn how to trust yourself and others?

In the Live Freely Training you will learn how to let go of old, persistent patterns that do not serve you well (anymore). You will learn how to communicate effectively with yourself so that you can motivate yourself to achieve your goals and so that you can let go of what you want to let go of. You will get out of your head (overthinking, worrying) and you will learn how to control your energy better (acting and doing) by using various techniques such as Mindfulness, NLP, Body Work and Systemic Work. You will also be guided by a coach who will help you achieve your goals. Apart from the 4-day training you will have an admission interview and 2 coaching sessions as part of the development programme.

Learn how to let go of what you really want to let go of. Be mindful.

In this training you will learn how to let go of what you really want to let go of: emotions, thoughts, family beliefs, work, an ongoing relationship, etc. This training is all about letting go of old patterns, old (emotional) wounds and emotions that do not serve you well (anymore). Many people hold on to things they actually wanted to let go of a long time ago. Your subconscious is often holding you back and this is what we will work on in this training.


In this training you will learn techniques that you can implement in your own developmental process on a Personal, Energetic, Soul and Body Level. By combining these four levels of development through NLP, Systemic Work and Mindfulness and other theories you will learn how to feel more free in life, with less thinking and worrying and more action and energy to generate what you really want. You will work on the personal development of letting go which you can then use in all aspects of your life.

Develop the art of focusing

After this training you will have mastered the art of focusing. You will be able to control your own energy and you will have a different perspective on life: more free, self-conscious, confident and with more appreciation. This training will always stick in your mind.

Do you want more information about this Training? Feel free to contact us.

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