Coaching on the beach

Do you really want to change your life? Then this is it! Our program Bahama Coaching.

Do you know what you are longing for? Are your dreams still alive?

Are you ready to look at your entanglements? Do you know what they are or where they come from? Do you want to feel the flow again?

Do you want to find out how you can do that? What is holding you back?
Can you already feel how you want it to be?
Can you take ownership of your process?

It is easier to make that step in your process, the one you are longing for in a different environment with a distance from everything that there is back home.

Develop yourself professionally and personally. With qualified Coaches and Trainers that can provide the guidance you need. We provided a whole week of coaching, training, family dynamics and having fun at the beach and in the sea. Experience the freedom of this beautiful Island, The Grand Bahamas and make the changes necessary to go towards your dreams.

We can also make a private plan just contact us at, fill out our contact form or send a Whatsapp message on +31642311770.

We have a special offer for everyone living in Florida! Follow our program for $450,- instead of $500,-.

You follow our coaching on the beach program, you stay a night with us and experience the Grand Bahamas.


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