Introductory Training: Provocative Coaching

Provocative Coaching is a new and alternative coaching and guiding method. This method is based on other presuppositions than in regular coaching. In this introductory training you will learn the basic principles of Provocative Coaching.

Provocative Coaching: “People are more resilient than they seem”

One of the principles of Provocative Coaching is that people are more resilient than they seem. This contrasts with the more traditional way of thinking where people are assumed to be weak and, therefore, they need a coach who will treat them with care.

In Provocative Coaching you mock the client as a way of discovering their inner resilience. The founder of this method, Frank Farrelly, has achieved quick and permanent changes in behaviour with this type of coaching. In the training you will learn about the principles of this type of coaching and you will undergo the method yourself. The training is suitable for everyone with an interest in coaching and personal and professional development. The training is particularly suitable for people who want to learn how to give people the strength they need or for people who want to use humour in their professional and personal life.

Dates and duration

The introductory training Provocative Coaching takes place on 3 Wednesday evenings from 19.00 – 21.30.
The training takes place on November 30th, December 7th and 14th.


The training is held at Het Pand van Land, Nieuwe Boteringestraat 96 in Groningen, The Netherlands.

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