Executive Coaching

  • Do you want the leaders of your company to be inspiring and charismatic?
  • Do you want your Management Board (MB) to be inspiring in such a way that they can lead their teams and departments towards the main goal of your organisation?
  • Do you want to boost the rational and emotional development of the top of your organisation?

Then Executive Coaching might be an excellent method for your organisation.

The goal of Executive Coaching is to achieve intrapersonal goals within the organisational context. The main focus of Executive Coaching is to strengthen both the personal and business leadership of management teams. It is aimed at developing personal and individual ambitions, talents and patterns. Only after developing these strengths at a personal/MB level will a leader be capable of inspiring and motivating their team whilst moving in the right direction. Bureau Land offers resolute coaching for individual executive officers or teams at the top of the organisation and will use an approach that suits you best. The coaches have a background in Organisational- and Occupational Psychology and have the necessary tools and techniques to increase the personal and strategic knowledge of the organisation.

Executive Coaching will be tailor-made to your organisation. It applies several techniques of Systemic Work and Business Human Neuro Management®/NLP. Central in this Coaching are the development of Vision, Charisma, Personal Leadership and Strength. The development programme can also include Sparring. This Coaching is available at both an individual level and a Management level.

Do you want to learn more about this type of Coaching? Feel free to contact us.

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