Emotional Stability Coaching

For who?

You have been feeling out of balance for a while now. You can get angry or sad without any apparent reason. You can’t explain why you are feeling this way. You are not as stable as you used to be. You are asking yourself “What can I do to change the situation I’m in?”. If you can relate to this you will probably benefit from our Emotional Stability Coaching. When people tend to fall or are already out of balance they often feel like they lost not only their direction in life but also themselves.  Something happened or you expect something to happen and are anticipating the situation. Your natural balance is disrupted and this affects your entire being.

Emotional Stability Coaching: breaking through barriers

In the Emotional Stability Coaching we will first examine the difference between stability and instability. We will also try to determine which emotion enhances the instability. We will try to give people back the control of their life by working with emotions. The general principle here is that people know very well what to do but they have run into a barrier that hinders their thoughts. We will work on breaking through these barriers by doing several exercises.

Emotional Stability Coaching: coaching at different layers

We work with different ‘layers’. To give an example, we work with the magnetic field of someone. Are you losing energy? Do you feel lethargic? We also work with the cognitive field: what do we know about how you are doing right now? Subsequently, we work with the intuitive field: how do you feel that he/she is out of balance or not? What can you do to improve your stability? Finally, we work with the purpose field: why are you doing what you are doing? What do you make of yourself and what are your goals in life?

Tailor-made Coaching

The Coaching is tailor-made to your needs and wishes. You are always allowed to change the direction of the Coaching process. Together with your coach you will look for internal and external sources and new ways to deal with daily life. The most important thing is that what you learn will be integrated in your daily life; it should be both practical and applicable. Theory is great but it’s better when it works.

Do you want to learn more about Emotional Stability Coaching? Feel free to contact us.

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