De-escalation Coaching

Do you want to bring a conflict in your organisation back to its normal proportions so that coherent communication and contact are possible again?

Then your organisation needs De-escalation Coaching.

A conflict that is not resolved can easily escalate. The arguments become fiercer, the language more agressive and the final gain is usually more costly than profitable.

De-escalation Coaching is aimed at making a conflict manageable. Each party first examines their own behaviour and what this could bring about in the other party instead of merely pointing the finger at each other. Taking responsibility, analysing your own way of communicating, truly listening to each other’s arguments and motivations are all key elements of De-escalation Coaching. You will work towards finding a suitable solution for both parties.

For who?
De-escalation Coaching can be used when a situation between two parties is starting to escalate (e.g. organisation – customer, employer – employee, (ex)partners, neighbours etc.) or in similar situations where multiple people are involved (e.g. in a team/department where issues such as peer pressure or isolation cause conflicts).

De-escalation Coaching is based on the theories and principles of NLP, System Thinking, Group Dynamics, Nonviolent Communication and Organisational Dynamics.

Do you want to learn more about this type of Coaching? Feel free to contact us.

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