Culture Change

The Management Development tools of Bureau Land are aimed at building a solid foundation for the top of the organisation with managers who bring across the culture to their department, team and/or employees with lots of passion.

At Bureau Land we have over 22 years of experience with Organisational Development and Culture Change Development Programs in organisations, varying from a one-day team training and culture research to a development program that involves the entire organisation.

Understanding Team- and Organisational Dynamics

We are currently guiding a lot of organisations that have to continue in a slimmed-down form, for example, because the middle management is largely dissolving or because a lot of people have been fired. Bureau Land has a sharp eye for team- and organisational dynamics and has the ability to translate these dynamics to a tailor-made training that is both clear and applicable. During this training we can make practical agreements in terms of collaboration – knowledge sharing – type of leadership – vision or values. To achieve the desired results, we always discuss the most pressing issues in the organisation. We also look at what fits the organisation’s (new) goals.

Culture Research

Apart from guiding companies in Organisational and Culture Change Development Program, we also frequently carry out Culture Research in organisations. For instance, when a department or organisation does not function properly without any apparent reason. Or to investigate which (negative) factors affect the present culture in a team or department and to determine what is necessary to turn this around. The investigation will be summarised in a report which will be presented along with the recommendations on how to improve the culture.

Do you want to know what we can do for your organisation? Feel free to contact us.

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