Corporate Coaching

  • Do you want your employees to conform to the goals, mission and vision of your organisation?
  • Do you want to coach your organisation and all its professionals?
  • Do you want to have a healthy and vibrant atmosphere in the workplace?
  • Do you want to develop coaching leadership in your organisation and do you want your organisation to excel?

Then Corporate Coaching might be an excellent method for your organisation.

The goal of Corporate Coaching is to lift your organisation to a higher performance level. The development programme is tailor-made to your wishes and needs. Every coaching development programme – individual, group or organisation – will be constructed and tailor-made to your coaching needs for the organisation. This will all be discussed in an admission interview.

Corporate Coaching is available for all levels of the organisation (combined or separate): Higher Management Level, Middle Management Level and Operational Level. The coaching can take place in individual sessions or in team coaching sessions.

Bureau Land has over 22 years of experience in Corporate Coaching in a wide variety of organisations.

Do you want to receive more information about Corporate Coaching? Feel free to contact us.

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