Career Coaching

  • Are you looking for Career Guidance / a Career Coach?
  • Do you want career advice from an experienced Career Advisor?
  • Are you looking for inspiration for a new career / career plan?
  • Or do you want to see how you can continue your current career or how you can take your career to a different direction?

No need to look any further! We have years of experience in guiding and coaching people in their career.

A clear advice for Career Development

We offer all different types of Career Coaching/Guidance from career development – career orientation, career advice, career testing to reintegration – reorientation on the job market and outplacement. These Career Coaching Development Programs are always designed in collaboration with you and, if necessary, with your employer.

Tailor-made Career Coaching

At the start of the career development program, your specific wishes and needs for the career guidance will be mapped out in an admission interview. Below you will find an example of a development program. Here, you can see that a development program can consist of multiple stages, tailor-made to your personal wishes and needs. The career coaches of Bureau Land use a wide variety of career coaching techniques such as: NLP, Systemic Work (career constellations), various models of personality analyses and the Narrative Method: working with the life story of the client.

An example of a career coaching development program

Purpose of this individual development program: by the end of this development program the client will have a clear idea of the next step in their career and will be pragmatically working towards this next step. At the first stage of the development program, the convictions and ideas about the personal functioning within the current context are dealt with explicitly. After creating the Psychological Development Plan, you will work towards finding a job.

The components of the program:

  • A metaprofile analysis: Analysis of the subconscious programs of the client.
  • Orientation on the job market (this can also take place in a group setting).
  • An internship at a new location (with intensive guidance).
  • Creating new networks and generating work.
  • Actually finding and connecting to a new job.

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