Business Coaching

Bureau Land offers many different forms of Business Coaching.

Career Coaching
You can participate in the career coaching development programs for all kinds of purposes. You can choose for career coaching in a very general sense, outplacement or reintegration.

Corporate Coaching
Do you want your employees to conform to the goals, mission and vision of the organisation? Do you want to coach the entire organisation and all of its professionals?

Executive Coaching
Do you want to have inspiring and charismatic leaders within your organisation? Do you want your Management Board to be inspiring in such a way that they can lead their teams and departments towards the main goal of your organisation? Then Executive Coaching might be an excellent method for your organisation.

Start Coaching
Bureau Land’s Start Coaching can offer a fresh start for your business, from the preperation stage to actually starting a business and all of the procedures that come along with it.

Team Coaching
Team Coaching focuses on positive and inspiring collaboration and developing the problem-solving abilities of the team.

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