Basic Program Systemic Work SCDM®

The Basic Program Systemic Work at Bureau Land is a Program for Coaches, Tutors and Professionals to learn the basic knowledge and principles of Systemic Work. You will learn about Family- and Organisational Systems and how they can (subconsciously) affect individuals. You will also learn Systemic Work applications for one-on-one coaching and guidance.

Learn how to apply Systemic Work in Coaching and in your Profession

After completing this Program you will be able to use your knowledge and insights into Systemic Work in your Coaching Sessions and Profession as a Coach, Tutor, Advisor or Professional. You will learn about entanglements that can occur in systems and how they can produce substantial automatisms. These automatisms can cause people to lead lives they do not actually want to live. Autmoatisms can also inhibit organisations from achieving the desired results. The knowledge and insights are often obtained through various methods of Systemic Work, such as Organisational and Family Constellations.

Systemic Work is more than Organisational and Family Constellations

In this Program you will develop a sytemic way of thinking, seeing and working in Coaching and Guiding. You will learn:

  • the principles of Systemic Work;
  • the systemic principles and how you can apply these in coaching- and guiding situations and in your role as Coach / Manager;
  • how to take a systemic perspective on the issues of your client / organisation;
  • how to understand the structure of your own organisational / family system and what patterns and coping styles this can generate;
  • how to find the focus of the ‘issue’, how to determine the path of solutions and how to stick to it in a coaching development programme / guiding situation / change development programme.

Work out your own issues in a organisational and family constellation

During the program you will extensively work with the Systemic Interview and you can bring in your own questions. These will be worked out by using various working formats of Systemic Work (i.e. organisational and family constellations) so that you will get some first-hand experience of working with these formats. In this way you will get a clear understanding of the applications in various workfields and you will know how to use them yourself. In the last module we will pay close attention to individual questions and we will work them out systemically. We will do Supervision Constellations, which will be elaborated on and explored for future implementations.

Structure of the Basic Program Systemic Work

The complete Basic Program consists of 6 Master Classes of 2 days each. See the datasheet link for the precise data en time.

Master Class I: Systemic Principles
Master Class II: Systemic Recognition Coping Styles and Sculpting
Master Class III: Systemic Entanglements and Obstructions
Master Class IV: Systemic Dynamics in organisations and teams
Master Class V: Soul and Trauma
Master Class VI: Systemic Coaching and Types of Constellations

You can also attend the Master Classes on a stand alone basis.

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