6-day Systemic Work SCDM® Training

The 6-day Systemic Work Training offers a different perspective on your own questions and/or the questions of your client. Instead of only focusing on the individual you will develop a systemic perspective on the family- or organisational system you or your client is part of. You will work on personal or work-related questions by means of family and organisational constellations which will clearly demonstrate the dynamics and entanglements within the system. Apart from family and organisational constellations there are many other forms of Systemic Work, all of which we will discuss in the 6-day Systemic Work Training.

Insight into Family and Organisational Systems

The 6-day Systemic Work Training is an intensive and intriguing training which will provide you with insights into:

  • which dynamics can play a role in family- and organizational systems;
  • which relationship there is between the individual and a family- or organisational system;
  • theory and background of Systemic Work;
  • different working formats of Systemic Work.

The knowledge and insights you will gain in this 6-day Systemic Work Training can be used for both Professional as Personal Development.

Program 6-day Systemic Work Training

In the training we will discuss the following topics:

Attitude and Systemic Principles

  • Attitude and systemic perspective;
  • Learning the great fundamental Systemic Principles in each system;
  • Working with a geneagram and biographically important facts of the family system;
  • Learning about the effects of violating the fundamental systemic principles.

Systemic Coping Styles and the Triad

  • Working with concepts of one of the founders of Systemic Work;
  • Learning about coping styles in systems and dealing with the effects;
  • Shaping principles and learning how to work with them;
  • Working with the triad.

Themes in Systemic Work, Working with themes

  • Working out specific themes in systems;
  • Learning about entanglements in systems;
  • Connecting to own system and coming to agreements;
  • Constellations based on fundamental systemic principles;
  • The different dynamics that lead to entanglements;
  • Special themes: self-criticism/eating disorders/suicide/depression/addictions, etc.

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