Systemic Work Programs

Systemic Work, the key to find and take your own unique position in life

Every organisation and family can be seen as a system. A system in which the different individuals that are part of it are all interconnected. Systemic Work will reveal the underlying dynamics of the system. What is your position in the system? What information from your family/organisational system have you (subconsciously/unintentional) identified with? How are you controlled by the unprecedented and unintended systemic dynamics and how do you escape from it? How can you free yourself from old dynamics?

Systemic Work, the key to effective organisations and teams

We apply the Sytemic Work method in many organisations. This method provides a lot of insights into the underlying dynamics of teams. It is also a very powerful method in terms of strengthening relationships and getting rid of old wounds. A constellation (the most familiar method in systemic work) can often say more than a thousand words and can make clear what is needed in a team/organisation or in a suitable way forward.

Professional Systemic Work Programs

In the Professional Systemic Work Programs you will learn how to look at (personal) issues and dynamics with the principles and from a Systemic perspective. You will broaden your perspective. Metaphorically speaking: you will not only see your own room in the house, you will also see how the house is positioned in the village, how the village is positioned in the province, the province in the country, the country in the world and the world in the universe. After you have learned to recognise this in yourself, you will learn how to recognise it in others.

The SCDM® Method, developed by Bureau Land

The SCDM® Method, the Systemic Coloured Dynamics Method is integrated in many of our Systemic Work programs and activities. This method, developed by Bureau Land, sheds light on the dynamics in organisational and family constellations in a simple but effective manner. Bureau Land has years of experience in systemic work for individuals, teams, organisations and family. Time and time again people are touched by the impact of working at the level of the soul.

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