Professional Coaching Programs

  • Are you looking for a Programme to become a Professional Coach or Counsellor?
  • Do you want to further develop yourself in coaching / counselling?
  • Do you want to become a Coach who can inspire people to change?

Then Bureau Land is the right place for you to fully develop your coaching and managing capacities.

What is Coaching?

The word Coaching originates from the word to describe a carriage: a coach. A coach is a carriage that will take you from one place to the other. The general starting point of all of our Coach Training Programmes is: each client has their own resources and cannot optimally use these right now to help with specific problems / issues.

Coaching is a style of guiding/developing that is currently used in almost all organisations. Coaching fits the current developments. People are focused on personal development and want to be approached individually. Now that people realise that they have to trust themselves more and the large structures surrounding them less, they want to mobilise their own resources and abilities when they need them or want to use them. In the Coach Programmes and Professional Training Programmes you will develop a set of abilities so that you can enable people to do this. You will also work on your personal development. Because in the end, you as a coach are the client’s tool.

What is Total Coaching®?
Professional and Personal Development

As a Coach you need certain skills and competences to interact with people and to be able to actually stimulate their development. In essence, Coaching is different from, for example, motivating or helping people or only teaching people some skills. In our Coach Programmes you will learn how to Coach on structure. Many people think that content is the most important aspect of coaching. The structure of coaching, however, can shape the content. By understanding the structure and making interventions based on these structures, the content and outcomes will change. In addition, we pay close attention to your professional development and your basic approach as a Coach. We attach high importance to Ecology and Congruence.

Many project managers, team leaders, managers, reintegration counsellor, coaches, teachers, doctors, study counsellors and many other professionals have already participated in our Coach Programmes or one of the Master Classes in this Professional Training Programme.

Would you like to receive more information about our Coach (Professional Training) Programmes? Feel free to contact us.

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