Organisational Development

  • Are you looking for an expert in business programmes and professionalisation of organisations?
  • Do you want to work with a training institute that focuses on passion, commitment and provocation with the aim of exceeding your (short-term) goals?

Then Bureau Land is the right partner for achieving your goals.

We have over 22 years of knowledge and experience in all types of organisational development in very diverse organisations, both profit and non-profit. In all of our in-company trainings, development programmes and culture change programmes we make organisational and occupational psychology practical and applicable and we work on professionalism with a focus on results, development, depth and reflection.

Answers and a tailor-made programme for all organisational development questions

Whether it’s about behavioural change, culture change, teambuilding or team development: we have an answer to all of your questions. We also develop tailor-made Professional Leadership Development Programmes for organisations. Central topics in these programmes are: focusing on accountability, professionalism and learning how to look at your own functioning within the context and in interaction with others. These programmes incorporate both theory and practice. We also guide many teams in self-direction and teaming. The organisational development programmes are based on Business Human Neuro Management® and SCDM® Systemic Dynamics. In addition, concepts and theories of one or more of the following disciplines are integrated in our organisational development programmes: Occupational and Organisational Psychology, Clinical Psychology, Sociology, Linguistics, Neuro-linguistics, Cybernetica, Neuro-Linguistic Programming, Philosophy, Cognition Philosophy, Social Psychology, Management Theories, System Theory, Leadership Theories, Brain Research Theories, Organisational Science, System Theoretical principles and Organisational Change Theories.

What is BHNM®?
To manage what is truly manageable

Business Human Neuro Management® is the key to using neurological processes in management. People are their brains. Employees are their brains. There is an increased interest in neurological processes. In our Business Human Neuro Management® Training Programmes we focus on these neurological processes. You will learn how these processes work and how they can explain the behaviour and results of your employees. You will gain more insight into human strategies and cognitive processes that occur in every human brain and you will learn how to influence these effectively.

The theory connects to the fields that managers have to deal with on a daily basis:

  • The field of the individual
  • The field of the team
  • The field of the organisation

What is SCDM®?
Systemic Dynamics

Some management trainings of Bureau Land are also based on SCDM® Systemic Dynamics.
Systemic Coloured Dynamics Method® (SCDM®) focuses on the Systemic dynamics that play a role in all relationships and partnerships (i.e. organisations and teams). By becoming aware of and being able to recognise and name these subconscious dynamics you will create space for who you truly want to be and you will enable open communication which forms the basis of trust and a safe collaboration between people.

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