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The management trainings of Bureau Land are based on the ideas of Business Human Neuro Management®, SCDM® Systemic Dynamics and the integration of many management theories and philosophy with topics such as: presenting, personal leadership and personal effectiveness. Because of this integral approach the training and programs will move you and they will enable you to develop yourself on multiple levels: on the level of your personality, your soul, your body and your spirit. Don’t expect difficult theory but instead imagine inspiring ideas that will make you look further and that will help you to discover new opportunities for yourself. And ideas that will enrich you as a human. We believe that changes are lasting when you can support it with your entire being and understand the essence of the new ideas. Be surprised by this integral approach. Many professionals went before you.

What is BHNM®?
Manage what is truly manageable

Business Human Neuro Management® is the key to using neurological processes in management. People are their brains. Employees are their brains. There is an increased interest in neurological processes. In our Business Human Neuro Management® Training Programs the focus lies on these neurological processes. You will learn how these processes work and how they can explain the behaviour and results of your employees. You will gain more insights into human strategies and cognitive processes that occur in every human brain and you will learn how to effectively influence these.

The theory connects to the fields that managers have to deal with on a daily basis:

  • The field of the individual
  • The field of the team
  • The field of the organisation

What is SCDM®?
Systemic Dynamics

Some management trainings of Bureau Land are also based on SCDM® Systemic Dynamics.
In Systemic Coloured Dynamics Method® the focus lies on the Systemic dynamics that play a role in all relationships and partnerships (i.e. organisations and teams). By becoming aware of and being able to recognise and name these subconscious dynamics you will create room for who you truly want to be and you will enable open communication which forms the basis of trust and a safe collaboration between people.

Would you like to learn more about these management trainings? Feel free to contact us.

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