No, not you

A young man comes for coaching. He doesn’t look me straight in the eye, he speaks while looking out of the window.  He feels so alone. He works at an accountancy firm, for 1 year now and he doesn’t like it. His colleagues often make fun of him, well, they think it’s funny. They put salt in his coffee, put a sticky note on his back. He laughs about it when he talks about it. Really funny, I ask. No, the smile fades from his mouth. It’s like before, being the last one chosen when making teams. No, not you, he heard. You are no use to us. A tear shimmers in the corner of his eye, when he tells me this.

How are you? He shakes his head, not good, he says. I have dark thoughts. Everywhere I come, I’m rejected.  Do you too reject yourself? Ehm, ehm never looked at it that way and never felt that he himself is a Self and that he relates to him Self. No, no, I don’t reject my Self.  Good, I say and nod at him. He leans back in his chair, he relaxes and sighs. Do you feel that? He nods. Yes, Self he says. I don’t reject myself. No, he sits upright. He smiles. That’s right! I think my Self is okay! This man discovers that he can have a Self relationship. Just takes some practice, we make a new appointment.

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